About Us

Momentous Institute

Momentous Institute, founded by the Salesmanship Club of Dallas in 1920, is the only Dallas nonprofit offering mental health services and operating an elementary school. Through its innovative programming, Momentous Institute remains focused on one goal: to change the odds for children.  Each year, Momentous Institute directly serves over 5,500 children and family members through its therapeutic services and its nationally acclaimed Momentous School. In an effort to reach far more children than it could ever serve directly, Momentous Institute has created this set of on-demand trainings to impact more classrooms and empower teachers with social emotional health practices.

Additional Training Opportunities

View our additional training offerings incluing monthly webinars for educators and our
annual Changing the Odds conference. 

Prioritize Mental Health
in the Classroom

Learn more about Momentous Institute's Changemakers curriculum. Created for Pre-K through 5th grade classrooms, Changemakers features unique solutions that integrate mental health best practices into elementary schools. 
Shop social emotional health resources for inside and outside the classroom.