Coaching for Momentum: A Social Emotional Approach to Coaching

(Summer 2023 Cohort)

Gain a deeper understanding of a social emotional approach to classroom coaching.
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Course Information:

Research shows that in-classroom coaching is a powerful way to impact teaching and learning, but few campus professionals claim expertise in social emotional learning. Coaching for Momentum, the brand new playbook and interactive course offered by Momentous Institute is designed to address this gap. 

Join our 6-part series on Coaching for Momentum: A Social Emotional Approach to Classroom Coaching. We will work through five categories of awareness addressed in the playbook to enhance the coach-to-teacher relationship, and to deepen the reflective practice of teachers and those who support them. Ultimately, participants will develop a strong social emotional lens to inform the process of coaching and build a network of collaboration for sustainability.

By learning to coach with an SEL lens, coaches, counselors, principals, assistant principals, school leaders, staff developers, mentors, department chairs and others become better equipped to get traction for momentous outcomes and inspire transformational change and increase their ability to provide strong sustainable support. 


Registration Closed! Please check back in July for Fall 2023 - Summer 2024 dates.
Join us for our "SUMMER 2023 cohort Tuesdays & Thursday's - offered live, virtually - from 10:00 - 12:00 PM CST.
We recommend you attend all six live, virtual learning sessions, ideally with a team from your school or district.
 Each session builds on the previous in the series.

  • Session 1: Tues., Jun. 06, 2023
  • Session 2:  Tues., Jun. 13, 2023
  • Session 3: Tues., Jun. 20, 2023

About the Playbook:

Coaching for Momentum was written by a team of coaches, educators, mental health professionals and administrators at Momentous Institute who have diverse experiences coaching teachers in the explicit integration of social emotional skills. The playbook is provided as a guide in this course, containing overviews, checklists, reflection questions and other tools to support implementation of an integration of SEL skills with academic instruction in the classroom.


  • Deepen your social emotional lens to inform the process of coaching a teacher using a model that includes: connection, awareness, identification, learning and growth.
  • Expand your awareness of Self, Learner, Context, Interaction and Practice
  • Build sustainability through an ongoing network of collaboration with other participants

What's Included:

  • Publication: Coaching for Momentum: A Social Emotional Approach to Classroom Coaching, 2021
  • 12 hours of live, virtual learning sessions with Momentous interactive learning platform
  • Various tools and resources including a professional learning companion.
  • Shared recordings of essential content from virtual sessions. 
  • Ongoing access to monthly implementation webinars for coaches, counselors, principals, lead teachers. 
  • Support for coaching and planning as needed.
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Additional Information:

Contact Momentous Institute if you would like to arrange for a customized experience for your campus teams to learn together. Limited partial scholarships available.

What our learners say

This workshop was very helpful and each session had tons of powerful conversations.  I really enjoyed the breakout sessions and the time allowed to discuss the context topic. It helped to hear other's perspectives and their personal experiences.

Such a wealth of information. Really enjoyed this workshop. These sessions are changing how I see things plus building my capacity. I was sad when we only had one more week left!

Everything was very clear. I love the layout of the playbook: Coaching for Momentum. The book is less daunting with the way it is organized; and the information is chunked very well, making it easy for referencing and reading.