Trauma 101

Learn the trauma basics – what is trauma, how does it show up and what strategies can help students.
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Course Information:

The adverse experiences and trauma impacting more and more students can lead to challenging behaviors for teachers to handle. Recognizing and understanding the impact of these experiences on children’s social emotional and physical health is key to facing this new reality of teaching. In this training, teachers will learn how to chase the why behind these challenging behaviors and learn strategies for working with students who have experienced trauma.


  • Identify traumatic events experienced by children
  • Understand the impact of trauma on social emotional and physical health
  • Learn three strategies that align with a trauma-sensitive approach for teaching students who have experienced trauma

What's Included:

  • Intro to Social Emotional Health
  • Training videos
  • Training documents
  • 7 strategies for working with children who have experienced trauma
  • Assessment
  • Training certificate